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at least 0.3 second has to go off on the touch. there was a dribble as well. i think we're looking at probably 0.5 second. give or take a 10th of a second. being added. >> verne: another conference. here is thornton getting it in. >> clark: izzo calling the time out there. just going to be a matter of when they deem that izzo got the time out called and got the official's attention there. terry wymer, mike eades, ted valentine. >> verne: we're going to have an explanation.
6:31 pm
>> clark: as we guest estimated, 0.7 seconds added, the ball inbounded at the point of interruption when the time out was called so the michigan state spartans will have 0.7 second from not too far from us, verne. >> verne: no. >> clark: between the halfcourt and three-point circles at ohio state's end of the floor -- ohio state's bench's end of the floor so they'll have to still go again, if you're ohio state, pressure on the ball, you want to make sure that you don't gamble and allow the catch to be made around the three-point line and then you don't want to commit a foul, so you switch any type of crosses and try to force the ball to be caught going away from the goal. no gamble to get in front so that ball gets behind you. make sure the ball is caught in front of you. >> verne: ravenel guards the inbounds pass. air ball. >> verne: ohio state comes from
6:32 pm
15 down and we have a three-way tie for the regular-season big ten championship. it was draymond green with a desperation heave. >> clark: well done by ohio state there. sullinger there enough to bother without fouling, and ohio state with a most impressive road win. >> verne: for clark kellogg, verne lundquist saying so long from east lansing. captioning by captionmax >> verne: this has been a presentation of cbs sports. "on the road to the final four."
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the mother can provide that overwhelming relief. >> massive relief for the tornado and storm victims in the midwest and south. hello everybody, i'm bruce johnson. we'll have the very latest on the storms in just a moment. first, we've got breaking news for the washington area. a police chase ended in a crash along pennsylvania avenue and southern avenue. there are reports of multiple injuries and a metro bus that may have been involved in this accident. matt jablo is live on the scene. >> it was quite the scene here just a few minutes ago when several cars as you said and a metro bus were involved in a
6:37 pm
pretty serious accident. it's all parentally started a little more than two hours ago when d.c. police say that prince george's county police were pursuing a car for some reason. this is where i am right now in southeast washington. prince george's county police, apparently called off the pursuit. and that did not stop the multi- vehicle accident from the car industry. >> there was a collision that involved the metro bus and at least four other people. >> reporter: how many people were hurt? >> at this time there are no life-threatening injuries. >> reporter: on the bus? >> i am not sure exactly where accommodation of the vehicles. but that is what i'm positive. >> reporter: we learned a total of eight people were taken to the hospital. none of them miraculously with
6:38 pm
non-life threatening injuries. we'll have lots more on this story at 11:00. bruce? >> matt, thank you for that report. the numbers will continue to change as the emergency crews worked through the damage from twisters that tore through a dozen states. officials now say 37 people have been killed. 20 in kentucky, 12 in indiana. 3 in ohio and one each in alabama and georgia. and the national weather service says that the four tornadoes that hit kentucky were the worst in the region in some 24 years. this evening, we are hearing that the 2-year-old who z what found alive about 150 yards from her indiana home has died. we are in one of the hardest hit areas in indiana. >> reporter: sunday services at churches across the area were emotional. the church goers wiped away tears and hugged one another. >> what we're hearing is people who have lost everything, they are showing up to help their neighbors and friends and family. so i don't believe that there will be a loss. there is hope renewed.
6:39 pm
>> reporter: the nurse drove five hours from chicago to help. she went door to door checking on residents like june who said in the middle of the devastation, she feels blessed. >> look around you. there is a lot left. there is a lot left. >> reporter: the sheriff deputy delivered bottles of water. he helped people take shelter. that building is now gone. >> i was telling everyone that i see all the churches and the buildings and the people. >> reporter: the people of henryville spent sunday praying. helping one another and cleaning up after friday's devastating tornadoes. it's a site that is repeated across the south and midwest including hard hit kentucky. tim delivered food to work crews and residents in west liberty, kentucky. >> i know that there are a lot of people on out here that probably have not had a hot meal. >> reporter: homes were blown off their foundation and the school bus was deposited on top of the building.
6:40 pm
some people lost everything. >> it's sad losing everything that you own. >> reporter: communities are working as hard as they can to put things back together. cbs news, henrysville, indiana. rescuers are still going door to door looking for victims tonight. turning to an 18-year-old found abandoned. they are looking for help in finding the killer. it happened on friday night in maryland. police say that they responded to the 2600 block, where they found him lying in the middle of the road. craig was later taken to the hospital where he died. anybody with any information should contact prince george's county police. there has been a fatal stabbing in southeast washington and the suspect is a man who is probably best known as the volunteer for the
6:41 pm
campaign. the killing happened in the 2600 block of highwood drive southeast. when they arrived on the scene, 37-year-old robert leroy wright was suffering from stab wounds, later dying at the hospital. police arrested one 67-year-old man. he charged -- he has been charged with the murder too. now, in the statement, they said that he is a volunteer on the campaign staff, but not involved in the leadership capacity. word is that the stabbing may have been prompted by somebody's dog and somebody's yard. coming up tonight on nine news now, the presidential inaugural may be a year away. but the hotel rooms are filling up fast. we'll have that story. and bruce, we saw the cooler temperatures for you today. it was quite breezy. we are watching the storm system that could bring the flurries to the d.c. area. we'll talk about that coming up when nine news now returns.
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with just a couple of days to go until super tuesday. they are hoping that they will get last-minute support. at stake is over 400 delegates in some 10 states. mitt romney is ahead of the pack with 233. now he picked up an important endorsement from eric cantur. rick santorum is a distance second with 92 delegates. santorum could do better if the field narrows, hint, hint. gingrich has no doubt that the republican candidates will eventually unite behind the party's nominee and ron paul spent the day in alaska, one of ten states voting on super tuesday. be prepared to say that they are paying three times the rate regardless of who wins. january 18 through 20, that is if you are lucky enough to find a room, the rates will be high. afterafterreports that rooms
6:44 pm
are already going, going, gone. this is how they roll here at the hotel. this weekend it was a bridal exhibition. but the five-star hotel is just a block from the white house and they have been hosting the president and presidential inaugurals since 1850. >> well, he was a very savvy man. he thought that if he invited the president, then it will be great. >> reporter: those lucky enough to snag that presidential sweep at the willard during the inaugural weekend will get nothing, but the best. >> we have some teems resembling this week as i mentioned that the dining room is oval shape. >> reporter: all this fabulousness isn't cheap. $10,000 a night with a four- night minimum. just up the street at the mayflower hotel gets you the same. many rooms if many most d.c. hotels are booked. it seems like overbooked hotels
6:45 pm
during the inaugural weekend is a washington, d.c. tradition. >> this is a wonderful sketch of how they will attend to a room at willard's hotel for the lincoln inaugural. that is a child sleeping in the drawer. >> reporter: the district hotel on rhode island northwest is not the willard or the mayflower. it only gets a one-star rating. but hey they've got rooms available, only $399 with a room for a queen size bed and breakfast is included. so if you are a part of the 99% that can't afford $10,000 a night, then the occupied d.c. encampment, if it is still there, may be your only option for the inaugural weekend. but remember no sleeping is allowed. in the district, afterafter, nine news now. many book hotels and do have a waiting list in case some rooms open up, including who wins the 2012 presidential election. stay with us, we'll have a
6:46 pm
cold and windy monday on any of the forecast coming up. people! look at you!
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i thought it was a little brisk. >> yes, i also worked on out there, bruce. they were not liking the brisk condition, it was quite breeze i out there. we are looking at a pretty nice day with lots of sunshine. getting up to 51 degrees. that's the average high for this time of the year. we are expecting for a chance of snow to come this way. but first here is a look at the weather camera. a beautiful shot of the white house today on this sunday evening. 42 degrees, partly cloudy. winds are out of the northwest. 21 miles per hour. now, that will be the sustained wind. the wind gust around 26 here in
6:49 pm
downtown. 16 for gaithersburg, 18 in manas sass. yes, it's been a blustery day on out there. you can factor in that wind and the temperatures, it feels like they are in the 30s downtown. then at 28 in leesburg. 28 for winchester. even the server here in the lower 40s. annapolis feels like 39 degrees. the radar pictures are showing us that we are watching this area of the low pressure. a clipper system right here centered over the st. louis area. this is organizing, cutting close to our area. but it's going to slide just south of us. we might get a little bit of the flurry action. a little brief snow shower for you or some rain mixed in with the snow tomorrow. but really not accumulating to a whole lot. we will be watching that clipper. but for tonight it will be cold once again. flurries are possible on monday. you will need your winter coats. then the middle of the week is looking to be milder. more spring-like weather, back in the forecast for you. i want to show you the mid- atlantic future cast. kind of a better idea of this clipper system that will bring probably more snow throughout the richmond, virginia area. you can see it went through
6:50 pm
here tomorrow morning or early afternoon. then once that goes on through, we'll see more sunshine for tuesday and wednesday and this clipper system might bring richmond one to three inches potentially. around fredericksburg. south of town and they could get a best of a coating. again, not a whole lot are expected. tonight, partly to mostly cloudy. and the lows are in the upper 20s to the mid-30s. downtown, 33. 28 for leesburg. manas sass is cooling down to 30 degrees. it will be a cool walk to the bus stop for those kids under mostly cloudy and cold conditions. a chance for some showers or flurries, more to the south. temperatures are in the 20s to the 30s. the north wind at 10 to 15. mostly cloudy and breezy. the early afternoon showers are possible. the highs will be in the upper 40s. so now in western, maryland, 39. winchester around 40. warrenton is at 46 degrees. then tuesday is looking to be
6:51 pm
chilly as well. here is a look at your seven- day forecast. tuesday is dry with lots of sunshine. upper 40s. then on wednesday and thursday looking at mild conditions into the 60s. so bruce if you want to go out and ride your bike, do it on wednesday or thursday, it will be pretty nice. chance for some showers. a little cooler in the mid-50s. >> let's be clear. that's a roadblock. >> yes, good to know. >> is he still the man? >> he is looking pretty good. they will get the arm warmed up again, but he made his spring debut today. lots of people are excited about that. was he looking like that view there? and plus a jam-packed day of college hoops. sports is next. [ male announcer ] this was how my day began. a little bird told me about a band... ♪
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an old man shared some fish stories... ♪ oooh, my turn. ♪ she was in paris, but we talked for hours... everyone else buzzed about the band. there's a wireless mind inside all of us. so, where to next? ♪
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the man of few words has made it clear that he was anxious to get back on the mound today. who could blame him after all that he has been through the past couple of seasons. the look looked pretty good. striking out three batters, but give -- but did give up some hits. the first run came off the single here by jason michael. bringing in michael morris. but the nats pitcher had a
6:55 pm
problem, giving up a three-run homer to thes a strows. not the best day for him. he entered the game here in the 6th. however, they crushed the nats, 10-2. now, they are closing out their regular season this afternoon at the comcast center, hosting 24th ranked virginia. the senior day for the turns and they have their lone singer, shawn moseley getting on it before the game. blowing a lead in the second half. he drills the three to tie things up. he had 25 points today and then in overtime. mike scott with a great pass inside. the cavaliers are up 2. the time is winding down once again. evans again, right to the basket. puts them up for virginia. holds on to win 75-72 in overtime. maryland loses their regular season finale. >> i was real proud of them. that was just a great gut
6:56 pm
effort by my guys. fortunately we came -- unfortunately we came out on the losing end. >> it was a great effort for me and myself. george mason taking on vcu. all georgia state in the beginning. going up by 11 with this three pointer. they did come back and find under the basket, that was inside. vcu though is jo too much for george mason. they fall 61-59. brenda frees and them show why she is deserving of the player of the year honor. throwing inside for two. that will be a game high of 29 points today and then later in the second, they are up 3. thomas takes it herself. nice day for her. things tied up with a minute left. they turn that ball over on the run for two of her eight points. maryland, they win the acc championships. 68-65. that will make their championship the most in the
6:57 pm
acc. congratulations to them. a very low scoring game. not much offense in this one. outlasting them 31- 39-32. they will advance to the semifinals. i love this time of the year. >> congratulates to the lady turps. >> yes. what a great season. >> a when does the weather look like tonight? >> cloudy condition. chance for some flurries tomorrow. >> all right, we'll see you back here at 11:00. bye.
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